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My name is Marissa but you can call me Rissa for short. I have a love for design and am a graphic designer. I own a graphic and website design business called Riss Design Group with my boyfriend Charlie. We write a blog together over at Riss Home Design if you want to check it out!

I love creating websites and blog layouts and designs for people, and really enjoy bringing a vision to life! My goal is to create you a blog design for less than the average price. Most designers will try to get hundreds out of you, but I'm here with realistic prices for great designs! Enough of that boring template stuff - let's get you the blog or website design you've always wanted!

Want to contact me with a question or to describe a project you'd like done? Click here to fill out my contact form, or email me at: info [at] risshomedesign.com

Also, I have tons of experience with Wordpress and Blogger. Those are the 2 most popular blog sites right now, but if you're on a different platform, let me know which one and we'll see what we can do!

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