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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Get New Designs For Your Blog - Only $20!

Get a $20 blog design for only $20 this week!
For Blogger and Wordpress blogs, get your blog a new header, custom navigation bar and about me photo for only $20. This is a great deal you wont want to miss!

What is a header?
Here's a snapshot of my header:
A header is what your readers see first on your blog. It's that big picture that most likely says the name of your blog at the top of your page. Is yours looking a little boring? Let's get you a new design!

What is a navigation bar?
Here's a snapshot of my navigation bar:
It's the links people click to get from page to page. A custom navigation bar will make your blog look awesome. Trust me.

What is an "about me photo"?
Here's mine:
It gives a good first impression if your blog looks neat and has a theme to it with a nice color scheme. I love the Polaroid about me photo for my blog. Let's make you an awesome one!

Don't miss out on this deal*! I'll be doing these $20 designs until August 8th, so click here to send me an email and let's get started!

*A lot of other designers would charge about $50-$100 for this, so this is a great opportunity for you to jump at!

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