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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Newest Blog Design: Wonderfully Sewn

I recently came in touch with an awesome blogger named Hannah. She blogs over at Wonderfully Sewn, and asked me to create her a whole new blog design! She wanted black, white and a pop of color, preferably a mint color. AWESOME. My 3 favorite colors and she wanted a simple and modern feel to her blog design. Double awesome! I couldn’t wait to get started, and ended up creating her something she really loves. Before the design process started, I created Hannah a mood board to develop the design concepts of her blog and what specific shade of mint she wanted. I also sent her a list of fonts I thought would fit her blog to let her choose from. Here’s a look at the mood board:

I started out creating Hannah a new logo (header) and custom navigation bar. Here’s the logo we decided on:
Wonderfully-Sewn-RissDG-SlideshowI designed Hannah a whole new header (logo), custom navigation bar, an “about me” decorated photo with description of herself, custom sidebar headers, custom social media buttons and more.
For Hannah’s custom signature, I asked her to send me a picture of ‘love, Hannah’ written by herself. I then created her signature from that. She seemed to really like the outcome!

Check out Hannah’s blog makeover here.

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